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Semiconductor/PCB Industry

After the installation of the machine vision system, through the analysis of product descriptions, different components of the various components of a complete assembly inspection. Because all statistical information is archived, all nonconforming defects can be monitored and validated to identify any false rejections if necessary. This type of control also means full traceability of the inspected production.

Packing Industry

Color packaging vision detection system is composed of light source, image sensor, visual controller, industrial control computer, intelligent control board and so on. In the condition of stable, no light spot and no flashing light field, the image sensor collects each small packet ( or whole piece ) of the detection port, and the vision controller carries out image processing and detection according to the set parameters and algorithm, and outputs the logical results. If it's the defect packing box, when the box is removed by the original machine, the intelligent control board sends out the smoke signal, and the bad package is checked out.

Food/Pharmacy Industry

With the quality improvement of people's life, people's consumption concept is also changing, from the past to eat enough to get satisfaction, the satisfaction of the current sense of diversification, as the masses of consumers, for the enterprise product requirements are higher and higher. It is told beer industry manufacturers, to put quality in the first place of beer production, consumer's eyes are discerning, how to ensure that the standard of beer filling needs every factory serious treatment, our beer bottle level detection machine is located after the filling machine, to the beer bottle level detection, the system is composed of led light source, color camera, lens, image processing unit, control unit, monitoring unit, alarm unit, removing device and so on. The main content of liquid level detection is: empty bottle inspection, high level, low level, etc., by using this equipment in beer packaging production line, can replace the manual inspection, greatly reduce the human visual fatigue caused by the false tick rate, leakage rate, ensure the production of the product packaging quality.

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