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Shenzhen Huitenghaina Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company based on robot and vision system.
Combined with its own profound knowledge in visual algorithm software, the company has become an industry expert in the field of robotics and visual systems.
The company has a clear market positioning. We combine robot and vision system perfectly and serve consumer electronics manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, biotechnology, semiconductor, food, medicine and other related industries. We provide a one-stop service from technology selection to control software and control interface writing.
Technological innovation is the driving force for the development of the company, and we cooperate with top domestic scientific research institutions in the application of visual system, so that we can reach the domestic advanced level in the application field of 3D camera and linear array camera.
We have the ability to provide tailor-made industrial automation solutions for our customers. Our solution is based on the concept of flexible lean production, combined with the latest automation control technology to assist customers to achieve continuous improvement and continuously improve the quality and efficiency.
Our goal is what we're trying to do: high quality products + reasonable price + perfect after-sales service = 100% customer satisfaction.
Our values: loyalty, honesty, action, win-win!

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